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Farmer John's is a Haitian business focused on building sustainable ag businesses in Haiti. It is founded by John Draxton, a farmer and rancher from North Dakota. John has been working in Haiti with IFOSuD since 2012.

The focus right now is on the butcher shop and creating a beef industry. John began by feeding and fattening cattle for butcher. Through a partnership with a local ministry, John started a butcher shop in Fonds Parisien. 

He has hired an amazing team of Haitian people who want to show what Haiti can do. Since fall of 2018 they have been working to produce quality beef, goat, pork, and chicken products, including hams, bacon, and other specialty meats.  They have also begun planting various grasses for feed, and always have a few animals out in the pasture.

Other local business have partnered with Farmer John's giving them the opportunity to also offer fish and chicken eggs.

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