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Committed to Quality

Beef: Farmer John's biggest project is to create a beef industry in Haiti. We started with a small pilot ranch and successfully created silage using sugar cane, corn, and other crops from area farmers. This pilot feedlot is a great example for the country of Haiti. Then in 2018 we started a butcher shop to process the meat from the cows we had fattened. We have successfully butchered cattle we have fattened. Now we are butchering hundreds of cows, goats, pigs, and chickens from local farmers every week and deliver that meat around the country

Smoker: A smoker was installed in 2019, and it has been working around the clock!  We have been working to make hams, bacon, smoked chicken, ribs, and other specialty meats right here in Haiti!

Tiano Fish: Farmer John's is now partnering with Tiano fish, so you can order right from us, and we will deliver to you.

Poultry: Farmer John's has recently acquired a chicken barn with layers so we can provide fresh eggs. We also completed a new poultry processing plant, so we can have increased our local chicken production.

Kill Floor:  The new kill floor is currently under construction.  The new kill floor will allow us to butcher more animals as well as assembly line style processing to meet the growing demands.

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