Committed to Quality

Beef: Farmer John's biggest project is to create a beef industry in Haiti. We have built a small pilot ranch and successfully created silage using sugar cane, corn, and other crops from area farmers. This pilot feedlot is a great example for the country of Haiti. Through a partnership with a butcher shop, we have successfully butchered cattle we have fattened. We hope to continue to build both the ranch and the butcher shop, creating a whole new opportunity for local farmers.

Smoker: A smoker was installed this year! We have been working to make hams, bacon, smoked chicken, ribs, and other specialty meats right here in Haiti!

Tiano Fish: Farmer John's is now partnering with Tiano fish, so you can order right from us, and we will deliver to you.

Poultry: Farmer John's has recently acquired a chicken barn with layers so we can provide fresh eggs. We also have a new poultry processing plant under development so we can increase our chicken production.